Strategic considerations for a cloud-powered SharePoint service


Exposing the hidden costs of on-premises SharePoint

Dan Holme

by Dan Holme on 10/20/2015

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SharePoint’s diverse capabilities can address a great many business problems with a single platform.

So why is SharePoint not fully and well implemented in every enterprise?

In my opinion, SharePoint’s very strengths are its greatest weaknesses. SharePoint’s power comes with a price.

The hidden costs and risks of continuing to deliver SharePoint as an on-premises service are what I call SharePoint Server’s “on-prem penalties.”

In this white paper, we explore SharePoint’s on-prem penalties. I ask you to consider each penalty’s impact on your organization and your service.

A powerful solution to these on-prem penalties is to steer your SharePoint farms and service to the cloud. And I’m not talking about Office 365. For organizations in which SharePoint meets requirements that Office 365 cannot, moving a SharePoint farm from on-premises to a hosted infrastructure as a service (IaaS) model overcomes the most painful on-prem penalties.

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