Proactive IT: Using SharePoint, Web-Based Services and IaaS for Agility and Growth

Jacquelyn Baillie

by Jackie Baillie on 8/20/2014

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Microsoft® SharePoint® is the compelling platform for enabling a wide range of business enablement processes to be centrally located and secured. Coldwater Software and its brand, ElevatePoint, further enables organizations to better handle the strategic initiatives and corporate communications lifecycle. In this webinar, Rob Colwill, Coldwater Software CEO, discusses strategic initiatives from the perspective of cross-departmental and even company-wide goals meant to transform an organization. The management of the process and communication of the endeavor are often lost due to the lack of a centralized platform for organizational transparency. For more information on Coldwater Software, please visit our website at

What you will learn:

  • Defining strategic initiatives and what they mean for IT
  • The pros and cons of SharePoint as a technology framework
  • How SharePoint can help empower employee engagement, strategic planning, communication, innovation and more
  • Determining a build vs. buy scenario for expanding out of box SharePoint capabilities
  • A very brief introduction into Coldwater Software and ElevatePoint products


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