How to Maximize Your Office 365 Investment and Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership


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Corporations are jumping to embrace Office 365. Microsoft has made this suite of powerful, feature-rich productivity tools easy to use, available on mobile devices and relatively easy to manage. Microsoft has priced Office 365 in a way that makes it very compelling to jump from on-premises servers to the cloud. Office 365 also offers compelling security capabilities as well as privacy services. However, when you look closely, you might see a less than a silver lining on the Microsoft cloud horizon: Microsoft support can be expensive and support incidents offer no guaranteed response times for when Microsoft can address your request. What will your response to the CFO be when you cannot get their email or fix their access to OneDrive for Business? It may take a few days? For companies with more than 300 users, Microsoft suggests you add on Microsoft Managed Services and Premier Support, which can cost many thousands more. This compelling white paper from Rackspace shows clear alternatives that let you reduce the total cost of ownership by getting your Office 365 subscription through Rackspace, and how their famous Fanatical Support can save you quite a bit of money if/when you need support services for Office 365.


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