Dell Data Protection White Paper Series


Dell is a leader in data protection software.  Listed below is a series of white papers and technical briefs outlining a series of solutions and to system backup options, data protection, cloud storage protection, rapid recovery, the ROI of fast data protection, and efficient data backup options.

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1) The False Dilemma: Agentless vs. Agent-Based Backups 
Do you need an agent-based legacy backup solution that’s secure and reliable? Or perhaps you’re looking for an agentless approach that offers low cost and high performance? Find out the key differences between agent-based and agentless backups to determine what’s right for your unique business needs. This white paper explores both approaches to help you:

  • Decipher the vendor debate to make the right choice for your firm
  • Determine the cost advantages of either approach
  • Minimize impact to production systems and end-users when backing up or recovering
2) Choosing the Right Public Cloud for Better Data Protection 

Establishing backup and recovery-enabled data protection using public cloud is not only possible, but far easier than you might expect — despite the fact that many data-protection solutions weren’t designed to take full advantage of public cloud. This white paper explains how you can make the right choices for nearly any backup and recovery scenario by carefully evaluating public cloud and data-protection software capabilities, including:

  • Must-have archive characteristics
  • Essential backup and restore parameters
  • Critical workload protection features
  • Vital environment protection requirement
3) Data Protection: Focus On Recovery 

Staying competitive means your organization needs to recover from any outage like it never happened — with zero impact on your users or the business. You want a modern data-protection solution that can restore operations immediately from the user's point of view, while a full system restore is going on in the background. Meaning, you should be able to recover everything in less time than a typical coffee break. Is your recovery solution up to it?

4) Fast data protection ROI? This e-book shows you how 

It’s possible to protect critical digital assets, improve productivity, reduce costs— and get an unbelievable return on investment (ROI). How do we know? Because these five companies did it! This e-book explores how these companies were able to: Save $80,000 a month over 3 years and cut storage costs by 75%; Increase storage capability by 6x – for less cost than tape backups; Shrink storage by a 31:1 ratio; Save $240,000 in IT time annually; and save 5 man hours of time per week 50% faster backups. This could be you!

5) Get your apps back in business – in minutes 

You need your applications and data up and running — with near-zero downtime. Dell Data Protection | Rapid Recovery is cloud-era data protection that’s designed to eliminate downtime. Rapid Recovery combines proven and familiar capabilities from AppAssure with next-generation features that protect your apps and data wherever they are — in physical servers, virtual machines (VMs) or in the cloud. When there’s an outage, Rapid Recovery helps you get your apps back in business, fast.

6) Faster backups without overhauling your backup software? You bet 

Reduce storage requirements, lower power and cooling loads, and shrink RPOs and RTOs –without overhauling your existing backup software. See how it’s possible in our white paper, “Choosing the Right Deduplication Solution for Your Organization.” Learn the difference between application-based deduplication vs. appliance-based deduplication, and discover how each method fares when it comes to cost of deployment, flexibility in operating with other platforms and rehydration of data during restores.