Azure Insights: Mastering Application Performance

Frank Ohlhorst

by Frank Ohlhorst on 3/7/2016

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Forbes reports that 82 percent of enterprises used cloud-delivered applications in 2015. While there are many advantages to cloud delivery, there can be downsides (concerns such as performance and availability), in particular with Windows Azure.

In this white paper by author Frank J. Ohlhorst, you'll learn why many small, medium and large enterprises have chosen to use Windows Azure from Microsoft. You'll learn tips to maximize the value of Windows Azure. You'll also learn why effective Application Performance Management (APM) has become the best way to meet performance expectations, while still working within the reality of financial constraints.

Fill out the form below to download this white paper. In addition, Frank Ohlhorst and Krishnan Badrinarayanan from Riverbed presented a related webinar on IT Unity on this topic, prior to developing this white paper.

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