Webinar: Is SharePoint at a Crossroads?

Jacquelyn Baillie

by Jackie Baillie on 8/13/2014

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Is SharePoint at a Crossroads?

What is Microsoft saying, What are Analysts Saying and What is the User Community Doing?

SharePoint has been called a ""victim of its own success", a "Microsoft lock-in", "too hard to manage" and "unsustainable" yet hundreds of millions of SharePoint user accounts exist. It is said that over 80% of the Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint and worldwide more than 125 million licenses have been sold to more than 65,000 enterprise customers. 

These days the SharePoint community has a lot to think about.

   * Where is Microsoft going with SharePoint?

   * Are they driving the customer base to the Cloud and Office 365?

   * Does that spell the end of on-premise servers and the support    

     industry surrounding them?

   * How is Yammer and mobile computing affecting Microsoft's  

     development and customers' utilization of SharePoint?

   * Should your organization be planning to migrate? If so, to which   

     platform and why?

In the first of our SharePoint at a Crossroads Webinar series, we will help shed some light on these topics and set the stage for the following seven webinars in this series that delve into today's SharePoint dilemmas and how your organization can resolve them.