IT Unity Webinar: Tips and Tricks to Help Move Your SharePoint Users Away from File Shares


April 29, 2015

Jasper Oosterveld

by Jasper Oosterveld on 4/28/2015


This presentation took place on April 29, 2015.  Click here to register and access the presentation recording.

TIps & Tricks to Help Move Your SharePoint Users Away from File Shares

SharePoint is a powerful platform with a rich set of document management features that your team can use out-of-the-box. You can use folders, custom metadata, managed metadata and document sets. The big question is: what to use when? It’s not always easy to answer this question. Office 365 MVP Jasper Oosterveld shares useful and insightful tips and tricks learned in the field to structure documents with the out-of-the-box document management features. If your organization is moving from traditional file shares where everyone stores documents in mapped drives and on local hard drives and you want your team to take advantage of much better document management features in SharePoint, you’ll learn about how to make that transition in this webinar. This webinar concludes with a real-word story about an asset manager in the Netherlands working for the first time with SharePoint document libraries instead of file shares.

  • Reasons to stop using traditional folders in SharePoint to structure your documents
  • A demo of document management features
  • Explanation of document content types and how to use these within document libraries
  • Real-world story about working with document libraries instead of file shares

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to work with the SharePoint out-of-the-box document management features
  • Tips and tricks to replace a file share folder structure with SharePoint

About the Speaker: Jasper Oosterveld

Office 365 MVP & Consultant


My name is Jasper Oosterveld and I live in Amsterdam with my wife Katie, our daughter Flora and our dog Millie. I have been working with SharePoint since 2008 as a SharePoint Consultant. In my role as SharePoint Consultant, for Sparked, I support customers with the process of implementing SharePoint. 

Collaborating in the SharePoint and Office 365 community is my passion. I speak at SharePoint and Office 365 community events such as DIWUG, Office 365 User Group, SharePoint and Office 365 Saturday, SharePoint Connections Amsterdam and the European SharePoint Conference. I am the co-founder of the site SP&C NL and the SharePoint Business User Group NL. For my community efforts I received the Office 365 MVP award in 2014.