Simplifying SharePoint & Office 365 - In-Context Help and Training with Content Panda & Support+ (Free Webinar)


Friday, July 31, 2015

Simeon CatheyHeather Newman

by Simeon Cathey, Heather Newman on 7/30/2015


This presentation took place on Friday, July 1, 2015.  CLICK HERE to jump to the page to access the presentation recording

Simplifying SharePoint & Office 365 - In-Context Help and Training with Content Panda & Support+ (Free Webinar)


No matter what version of SharePoint an organization has or how long it has been implemented, there is a steep learning curve for many users. That learning curve often brings trepidation and paralysis to people who are simply working to complete everyday tasks. Training is forgotten shortly after it happens. Asking for help from the IT department or even another co-worker can be intimidating. Are you tasked with driving adoption? Proving IT spend ROI? Reducing time and energy around internal support calls and emails? Having the right tools and content at one’s fingertips empowers your teams, excites them and sets them on the road to feeling awesome about themselves - who doesn’t want more of that? Hear use cases and stories of best practices and a new way of accessing help and training just in time and in-context of Office 365 SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013.

Simeon and Heather have been speaking at numerous SharePoint Saturday events and user groups on Just in time help and user adoption. Most recently, they contributed a chapter to Improve It!, which is a collection of essays from SharePoint community thought leaders about how to get the most out of SharePoint.

About the Speakers: Simeon Cathey & Heather Newman

CEO/Co-Founder of Content Panda, Technology Visionary, Entrepreneur & Microsoft Expert


Simeon Cathey

Simeon Cathey is a technology visionary, entrepreneur and Microsoft expert with more than 15 years of experience building information and document management applications for businesses. Simeon began at Microsoft as part of the original SharePoint team in 1998, and served as the SharePoint Product Release Manager for Microsoft SharePoint 2003 where he was at the forefront of the enterprise knowledge management and collaboration movement as it began to take shape. Simeon is also a published author and thought leader, having written Wiley Publishing’s Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 Bible. He is CEO/Co-Founder of Content Panda and a Board Member of

CMO/Co-Founder of Content Panda, Technology Entrepreneur, Award-Winning Senior Marketing Professional


Heather Newman

Heather Newman is a technology entrepreneur and award-winning senior marketing professional that thrives in both startups and established corporations. Her sixteen years of experience in building global high-tech marketing strategy (B2B space) has helped drive revenue for companies through alignment with sales, partner channel, leadership teams and clear execution of initiatives. She has led global marketing organizations for two well-respected, award winning and best in class Microsoft partners, AvePoint & KnowledgeLake and was a part of the original SharePoint Marketing team. She is CMO/Co-Founder of Content Panda and CEO/Head Maven of Creative Maven.