The SharePoint Journey: Episode #3


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Eric Riz

by Eric Riz on 10/22/2015



Thursday, October 22, 2015


8:00am Pacific (PDT), 11:00am Eastern (EDT), 16.00 (BST), 17.00 (CEST)


30 minutes




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The SharePoint Journey, Episode #3

SharePoint has evolved from portal technology to a platform that is revolutionizing businesses worldwide. What was once a document management solution has changed into an enterprise application where users get their work done each day. With SharePoint 2016 now upon us, the onus has shifted back to the organization to consider SharePoint, not as a tactical solution, but as one that is strategic, reaching across corporate boundaries as a product, platform and project aligning to a SharePoint Journey.

Building on the first 2 episodes of The SharePoint Journey, this final episode addresses SharePoint 2016 specifically.  The session will build on the importance of a defined corporate commitment to your existing version and the passion required across the organization for an upgrade.  Eric will discuss strategies for evaluating the upgrade, assessing changing requirements and communicating the upgrade to your users, the first step to building your adoption of SharePoint 2016.

Key outcomes:

  • Define your organizational needs and strategy for SharePoint 2016
  • Identify your SharePoint 2016 upgrade plan based on a successful SharePoint Journey
  • Incorporate components of the SharePoint Journey into your successful deployment

About the Presenter: Eric Riz

SharePoint MVP


Eric is a passionate entrepreneur with an acute focus on strategy and automation. Prior to founding Empty Cubicle in 2014, he held executive roles with Concatenate Inc. and eMark Consulting Ltd, guiding the latter to a successful merger 2011. As a thought leader, Eric is a sought after speaker, author, and consultant and has delivered keynote speeches and sessions on various business and technology topics around the world. Eric is a regular contributor to many industry journals and newsletters, and sits on the Microsoft’s Solution Advisory Board. In 2013, Eric won the prestigious Microsoft SharePoint MVP award.