IT Unity Webinar: Rewriting the Rulebook for Managing Knowledge


January 27, 2015

Christian BuckleyPaul Culmsee

by Christian Buckley, Paul Culmsee on 1/26/2015


This presentation took place on January 27, 2015.  Please CLICK HERE to access the recorded presentation.

Rewriting the Rulebook on Managing Knowledge

Managing knowledge in a business has always been tough, and these days it has become even tougher. The amount of information available has skyrocketed and so too have the formats, places and channels through which it is received. Complexity around how we gather, organize and effectively use information has magnified – and to deal with this complexity, we need a new approach.

In this webinar, Australian-based information management strategist, SharePoint guru, and award-winning author Paul Culmsee will be joined by Office 365 MVP and well-known SharePoint and social strategist Christian Buckley to help participants rewrite the rulebook on managing their intellectual capital. Find out about new approaches, techniques and tools that can be used within your organization to help better leverage your existing knowledge stores and intellectual capital all using SharePoint and featuring Glyma.  

Key topics that we will cover include:

  • Avoiding the “what happens when Jeff leaves” brain drain crisis
  • Tapping into “what’s in the head” and turning it into usable assets for the business
  • Bringing a halt to the revolving cycle of “re-inventing the wheel”
  • Stopping the nonsensical repetition of costly mistakes


About the Speakers: Christian Buckley & Paul Culmsee

Managing Director, GTconsult


Christian Buckley

Christian is an Office 365 MVP, internationally recognized author and speaker, and a Top 25 SharePoint Influencer. He is Managing Director, Americas, for GTconsult, a consulting and managed services provider with offices in the US and South Africa. He was part of the Microsoft team that launched SharePoint Online (now part of Office 365), was instrumental in the acquisitions of SharePoint ISVs echoTechnology (2010) and Axceler (2013), served as Chief Evangelist for Metalogix, and has worked with some of the world’s largest technology companies to build and deploy social, collaboration, and supply chain solutions. Co-author of two SharePoint books and three books on software configuration management, Christian is cofounder of IAMCP Seattle, is a member of the Puget Sound SharePoint User Group (PSSPUG) board, and can be found online at and @buckleyplanet



Paul Culmsee

Paul is an IT and business consultant with 25 years experience across several disciplines, and is the co-founder of He is based in Perth, Western Australia. Since July 2006, Paul has spent a lot of time working with SharePoint, as well as practicing the craft of Issue and Dialogue Mapping, but his background covers many other disciplines, platforms and technologies. Unlike most other products and platforms that Paul has worked on over the years, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is a product that really draws together literally everything he has done over his career.