Office 365 Pulse, Webisode #3


February 2, 2015

Jennifer MasonDan HolmeMark Kashman

by Jennifer Ann Mason, Dan Holme, Mark Kashman on 2/1/2015


This webisode took place on February 2, 2015.

Office 365 Pulse with Jennifer Ann Mason

Every week, Microsoft releases new features in Office 365 that add significant capabilities and business value. How can you keep on top of these changes? How should you manage, help drive adoption, and use these new features to fuel productivity, collaboration, agility and innovation?

Jennifer Ann Mason—recognized worldwide as an expert, thought leader and Microsoft MVP—is dedicated to helping you keep your finger on the pulse of fast-moving technology with Office 365 Pulse. Each webisode will feature Jennifer and her guests as they discuss recent announcements and examine the impact of changes on information workers, platform owners, and business decision makers.  

This week's guests: Dan Holme and Mark Kashman

About the Speaker: Jennifer Ann Mason

SharePoint MVP, Rackspace Hosting


As a SharePoint Server MVP, Jennifer has spent the last several years consulting others on best practices for implementing business solutions using SharePoint technologies. She is passionate about SharePoint and loves using out-of-the-box features to bring immediate ROI to her clients. She has worked with a range of companies, leading teams responsible for design, implementation and maintenance of SharePoint environments. When she isn't riding the slide at her new company, Rackspace Hosting, Jennifer focuses on strategy, planning, governance and sharing her knowledge with the SharePoint community. After a recent move to the Lone Star State from Ohio, where she was a founding member of the Columbus, Ohio SharePoint Users group, Jennifer is learning how to be a true Texan, cowboy boots and all.

CEO & Co-founder IT Unity


With a career spanning more than 20 years, Dan Holme—a cofounder of IT Unity—has reached hundreds of thousands of IT professionals, executives, and users at almost every Fortune 100 enterprise, and more than half of the Fortune 500 and Global 1000. Dan's expertise and impact have earned him a reputation as one of the world’s most respected consultants, authors, and experts on Microsoft technologies. A native of Colorado, resident of Maui, and graduate of Yale, Dan has been recognized as an MVP for eight years across three technologies, and named one of the top ten partner MVPs in the world. He has authored hundreds of articles for and numerous best-selling books for Microsoft Press. This winter, Dan served as the Microsoft Technologies Consultant for NBC Olympics during the broadcast of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, a role he also played in Torino, Beijing, Vancouver and London. Other major customers include Raytheon, HP, Johnson & Johnson, General Electric, HSBC, Bank of America, Microsoft, and University of California.  

Senior Product ManagerMicrosoft


Mark is a Senior Product Manager on the SharePoint team focusing primarily on SharePoint Online – collaboration and websites in Office 365. He has worked at MSFT since 2000, focused first on internal training and readiness for the Microsoft Field, next building a digital asset management solution built on top of SharePoint 2007 before moving to the SharePoint team into the SharePoint Online role.