KWizCom Forms – Enhance Your SharePoint, Don’t Replace It

SharePoint-Native Forms and Mobile Solution


KWizCom Forms is a 100% SharePoint-Native Forms and Mobile Solution that turns your existing SharePoint list forms into rich, enhanced web & mobile forms. Now you can easily create your custom forms by rapidly enhancing existing list forms. We integrate with your SharePoint, without introducing an external designer and new proprietary forms technology, so there is no need to deploy and learn new, external form tools.

KWizCom Forms offers a wealth of key features and benefits, below are just some of them:
- Support ALL SharePoint column type
- Support custom columns (including those bought from other vendors)
- Same familiar SharePoint list forms, so no new technology and UI to learn
- Easy-to-use wizard
- Same forms for web and mobile
- Keep the same look & feel as your portal, no separate design required, etc.

To get your 1-month free license or to read more about this powerful add-on, please visit .

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