Matt Wade

Matt's a SharePoint power user and evangelist who aims to get the everyday worker more efficient and productive using SharePoint and Office products, preferably with little-to-no customization and without jargon. Because most of us don't speak computer code.

Originally a mechanical engineer, he soon found himself genuinely enjoying developing content and knowledge management solutions in a newly rolled out SharePoint 2007 system.

He inevitably transferred to IT and took the reigns of the SharePoint 2007 rollout process, playing hand-holder for colleagues to learn and grow on the new system. He later supported the SharePoint 2013 upgrade.

He currently works for a consulting firm in the US Virgin Islands. He enjoys hiking, running, beach-bumming, and traveling. He blogs regularly on and tweets from @thatmattwade.

  • The Absolute Basics of SharePoint Version History

    Matt Wade ON Sep 09, 2016

    Matt offers a great detailed overview of how SharePoint version history works. If you or a colleague are confused about how this feature works, this article explains it.

  • SharePoint Online Site Collection Size Will Increase to 25 TB

    Matt Wade ON Aug 31, 2016

    Sort of buried in the small type of a blog by the SharePoint Team was a notice that the size of SharePoint Online site collections will increase to 25 TB.

  • How to Completely Delete Web Parts on a SharePoint Page

    Matt Wade ON Aug 25, 2016

    Sometimes, removing a web part from a SharePoint page really hides or disables it but doesn't really delete it. The web part sits in a hidden recycle bin, which can cause some problems. Matt explains how to use Web Part Page Maintenance to really delete a web part.

  • Ultimate Guide to SharePoint Size and Usage Limitations

    Matt Wade ON Jul 27, 2016

    If there’s one thing all SharePointers have to keep in mind, it’s the limits of the tool you’re using. I’ve put together a useful infographic you should consult to remind yourself what limitations you could hit in SharePoint if you’re not careful. These limits are specific to SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online.

  • Get the Most Out of Built-in SharePoint Tools and Features

    Matt Wade ON Jul 19, 2016

    SharePoint is packed with productivity tools that require no code to use. If you're relatively new to using SharePoint, here are some great tools you can use out of the box.

  • Everyday Guide to External Sharing in SharePoint Online

    Matt Wade ON Jun 03, 2016

    If your organization is using SharePoint Online, the “cloud” version of SharePoint hosted in Office 365, you get a major benefit that regular SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013, and even 2016 don’t offer: the ability to share content with clients, vendors, customers, and others right within SharePoint Online.

  • Practical Guide to SharePoint Site Permissions

    Matt Wade ON May 22, 2016

    SharePoint permissions can be complicated. Whether you’re brand new to site ownership or a seasoned vet, keeping permissions as simple as possible is always a best practice. It will keep you from losing your mind. This article will give you some guidance on how to set up permissions when you get or inherit a new SharePoint site.

  • Co-authoring: It’s a Date

    Matt Wade ON May 13, 2016

    Co-authoring has been around for a while but many people don't understand how it works between online and offline versions of Office products, and it can be more confusing when you add SharePoint versioning and Track Changes into the mix. This article shows how it works and what to expect.