Scot Hillier

Scot Hillier is an independent consultant and Microsoft Office 365 Most Valuable Professional focused on creating solutions for Information Workers with Office, SharePoint, and related technologies. He is the author/coauthor of 20 books on Microsoft technologies including Inside SharePoint 2013. Scot splits his time between consulting on Office and SharePoint projects, managing developer content for IT Unity, speaking at conferences, and delivering developer training through Critical Path Training. Scot is a former U. S. Navy submarine officer and graduate of the Virginia Military Institute. Scot can be reached at [email protected]
  • My DevIntersection Workshop

    Scot Hillier ON Mar 04, 2016

    Over the last couple of years, developers have been hard at work mastering the creation of enterprise applications with JavaScript and RESTful services. Many of these solutions utilized the Google Angular 1.x framework and the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC/Web API, which were created by separate organizations, but worked very well together. Recognizing the synergy, Google and Microsoft worked closely toge

  • Angular 2 and OpenID Connect with Azure Active Directory

    Scot Hillier ON Feb 09, 2016

    Scot continues his series on using Angular 2 beta and Office 365. Topics in this article: key identity topics, details of AuthN using Angular 2, AuthN/AuthZ/delegation patterns, Open Authentication (OAuth) Implicit Flow, steps for an Angular 2 SPA using AAD as the authentication server and more.

  • Build a SharePoint Add-In with Angular2 and TypeScript

    Scot Hillier ON Jan 27, 2016

    Scot is writing a series on how SharePoint / Office 365 developers could use Angular 2 (currently in beta). In this article, Scot shows how you could use TypeScript in Visual Studio 2015 and compile that to ECMAScript5.

  • Embedding Angular 2 in SharePoint with a Script Editor Web Part

    Scot Hillier ON Jan 18, 2016

    In this article, Scot shows you how to embed Angular 2 code into SharePoint pages using the Script Editor web part. This is a great way to see the basic framework in action as well as open up possibilities for future solutions.

  • Building an Excel 2016 Add-In with Angular 2 Beta

    Scot Hillier ON Dec 23, 2015

    Recently, the Angular team announced that Angular 2 had reached the beta milestone. For this article, I am going to build an Angular 2 version of the Excel add-in I created in a previous article. This will give you a chance to get started with Angular 2 and compare it to an existing solution.

  • Microsoft Announces the General Availability of Microsoft Graph

    Scot Hillier ON Nov 18, 2015

    Microsoft Graph replaces what Microsoft previously called the Office 365 Unified API. Scot describes what it is and why it is important. The Microsoft Graph is clearly a must-learn for all developers whether they are focused on Office, SharePoint, or just general web development.

  • Calling the Office 365 APIs with jQuery and Adal.js

    Scot Hillier ON Nov 03, 2015

    Scot finds that many Office 365 developers are still using jQuery and have little experience with Angular. In this article, he'll show the basics of creating jQuery-based applications that can call any of the available RESTful services exposed by Microsoft including SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, and the Unified API.

  • Building an Excel 2016 Add-In with Angular and Enhanced office.js

    Scot Hillier ON Sep 28, 2015

    Scot demonstrates how to build a simple Excel 2016 add-in that uses the new office.js library and then he shows how to wrap the add-in in the Angular framework. Microsoft recently introduced the public preview of an enhanced version of office.js, which is the JavaScript library used to communicate from an Office add-in back to the hosting Office product.

  • Unity Connect Amsterdam 2015 Developer Preview

    Scot Hillier ON Sep 23, 2015

    Scot, one of the content planners for Unity Connect, scheduled October 12-14, 2015 in Amsterdam, offers his thoughts about why developers should attend this conference.

  • Using the Office UI Fabric with Angular JS to Create an Office Add-In

    Scot Hillier ON Sep 11, 2015

    The newly released Office UI Fabric gives you styles and components that offer the beauty and ease of Bootstrap, work well with Angular, and fit nicely into Office and SharePoint.

  • SharePoint 2016 IT Preview – A Significant Milestone

    Scot Hillier ON Aug 25, 2015

    What has Microsoft rolled out with this SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview, who is it for, and why is this release important?

  • Tony's surprising session choices for IT/DEV Connections 2015

    Scot Hillier ON Aug 06, 2015

    Tony Redmond is a senior contributing editor for Windows IT Pro and the author of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Inside Out (Microsoft Press) and Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Inside Out: Mailbox and High Availability (Microsoft Press, October 2013). In this article, he gives his session picks for IT\Dev Connections 2015.

  • Creating Hybrid Angular and JSLink SharePoint Add-Ins

    Scot Hillier ON Jul 31, 2015

    If you favor using Angular and the SPA approach when creating add-ins, you may have hit a limitation to using SharePoint lists. You must use the out-of-the-box user interface, which is not built as a SPA, or write your own SPA-based user interface to perform CRUD operations against a list, which is a lot of code. Scot offers a solution in this article using Angular JSLink SharePoint add-ins.

  • IT Unity Recognizes New and Renewing Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs)

    Scot Hillier ON Jul 01, 2015

    Scot joins his colleagues at IT Unity in congratulating the July 2015 new and renewed Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs).

  • Getting Started with adal.js and the Office 365 APIs

    Scot Hillier ON Jun 30, 2015

    Microsoft recently announced the new adal.js and adal-angular.js libraries, enabling Office and SharePoint developers interested in using Angular to incorporate calls to the Office 365 APIs into their applications. In this introductory article with code example, Scot demonstrates how to work with these new JavaScript libraries.