Paul Culmsee

I am an IT and business consultant with 25 years experience across several disciplines, and am the co-founder of I am based in Perth, Western Australia. Since July 2006, I have spent a lot of time working with SharePoint, as well as practicing the craft of Issue and Dialogue Mapping, but my background covers many other disciplines, platforms and technologies.

Unlike most other products and platforms that I have worked on over the years, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is a product that really draws together literally everything I have done over my career. I hope that you find my articles of interest. They are SharePoint-centric, but my aim is to write about all of the competencies below with the view of leveraging SharePoint in some way.

  • More on SQL and SQLIO

    Paul Culmsee ON Mar 30, 2015

    Paul Culmsee continues sharing his extensive infrastructure experience, in this case in running a comprehensive disk stress test, helping to make SharePoint performance management easier to understand.

  • Getting at Latency, IOPS and MBPS

    Paul Culmsee ON Feb 12, 2015

    This article dives into the Performance Monitor tool built into Windows and examines monitoring SharePoint latency and IOPS. It also looks at stress testing disk infrastructure.

  • The Unholy Trinity of Latency, IOPS and MBPS

    Paul Culmsee ON Jan 09, 2015

    A deep dive into SharePoint latency, IOPS and MBPS in an ongoing quest to improve farm performance.

  • So, What Is Latency Anyway?

    Paul Culmsee ON Jan 02, 2015

    A deep dive into what it takes to load a SharePoint page, and how to solve some of the underlying latency issues.

  • Making Use of RPS

    Paul Culmsee ON Dec 10, 2014

    Paul Culmsee's latest installment on Requests Per Second (RPS) in his series of posts on trying to take some of the mystery out of SharePoint performance management.

  • Getting at Requests Per Second (RPS)

    Paul Culmsee ON Nov 26, 2014

    A closer look at the lead indicator of Requests Per Seconds (RPS), using command line to manipulate log files to extract RPS data.

  • What Makes Collaboration Work

    Paul Culmsee ON Nov 05, 2014

    An analysis and commentary on the way that organizations approach and measure SharePoint and organizational “maturity.”

  • So What Is RPS Anyway?

    Paul Culmsee ON Oct 31, 2014

    A deep dive into one of the most commonly cited (and abused) lead indicators to measure performance: requests per second (RPS).

  • How to Stop Developers From Blaming the Infrastructure

    Paul Culmsee ON Oct 28, 2014

    In this introductory post, we will clear up one of the biggest misconceptions about measuring SharePoint performance, and put a permanent stop to developers who blame the infrastructure when things slow down.

  • Conditions Over Causes

    Paul Culmsee ON Oct 23, 2014

    An in-depth look at the maturity of the SharePoint platform for those who manage or are responsible for people or projects that delve deep into the bowels of the SharePoint.