David Mann

David Mann is a founder and director at Aptillon, Inc as well as the Owner and President of Mann Software, a boutique software consultancy located outside Philadelphia, PA. He has been a SharePoint MVP since 2007 and is a part time trainer for Critical Path Training. As a developer, software architect, author and trainer he has focused on Microsoft’s Information Worker and Collaboration stack, working with portal, collaboration, and content management technologies for over 15 years helping businesses to be more productive. Dave presents regularly at major and minor conferences and runs the SharePoint User Group in Philadelphia.

  • Ignite Keynote, Indexed: A Viewer's Guide to Key Announcements

    David Mann ON May 12, 2015

    David Mann, curator of the weekly Office 365 Concierge newsletter, took the time to index the Ignite keynote. If you're looking for highlights, or for a particular set of announcements or demos, this is your guide!

  • Programming with the JavaScript Object Model

    David Mann ON Jun 04, 2014

    The JavaScript Object Model is expanded and become more important in SharePoint 2013 with the introduction of the app model, as well as the evolution of SharePoint sites and applications.

  • The SharePoint JavaScript Environment

    David Mann ON Dec 21, 2015

    SharePoint 2013 includes over 400,000 lines of JavaScript code. That’s a LOT of JavaScript. Before diving in and writing custom code, it’s worth getting an understanding of what some of this code provides us that we can reuse in our own applications.

  • Introduction to JavaScript with SharePoint 2013

    David Mann ON Apr 16, 2014

    This first in a series of articles presents a brief overview of JavaScript to help if you’re a little rusty with JavaScript and prepare for the material in the subsequent articles. Here's the basic material you need to make sense of later chapters.