Office 365: Diamonds and Razorblades The Case for Transformation of Your Technology and Organization

October 21, 2015
1:00PM PDT 4:00PM EDT 21:00 BST 22:00 CEST
October 21, 2015

Diamonds: high-value jewels. Diamonds-in-the-rough: potential ROI, but possibly a lot of work. Razorblades: those sharp edges can catch you by surprise. Office 365 offers all of these. Microsoft MVPs Dan Holme, Jason Himmelstein and Todd Klindt come together for this one-of-a-kind, deep analysis of benefit, cost, and risk related to Office 365.

Strategic Considerations Part 2: Office 365: Diamonds and Razorblades

The case for transformation of your technology and organization

Why do organizations move to the cloud? What value do they find? What hidden costs and risks do they discover? And, most importantly, why should organizations redefine and transform the role of IT teams to accommodate the new reality of rapidly-evolving and disruptive cloud technologies such as Office 365?

Join Dan, Jason and Todd for a close examination of the benefits and challenges of a cloud service like Office 365, the evolution of technology and IT as a whole, and the value contributed by a new type of player on the team: the service partner. They’ll explode the "do it alone" approach to technology, and make a case for a new IT: one that is closer to the business, leveraging external expertise and capabilities to manage the chaotic and complex tapestry of services that comprise Office 365 and other cloud offerings.

Don’t miss this opportunity for deep and candid analysis of how Office 365 really impacts your business, technically and strategically. 

If you’re also considering SharePoint Server, don’t miss the first webinar in this series: Strategic Considerations Part 1: SharePoint’s On-Prem Penalties: The case for SharePoint service (SharePoint farms) in the cloud.

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