Improving Business Process Management with SharePoint

December 09, 2015
8:00AM PST, 11:00AM EST, 16:00 GMT, 17:00 CET
December 09, 2015

Managers exist because business process management (BPM) is critical to the success of any business venture. If you are still using Excel spreadsheets to keep track of things, if you're still bothering people with emails and phone calls to get status updates, if you schedule weekly standing meetings to review routine work procedures, we need to talk! Attend this session to learn how savvy managers leverage the amazing out-of-box BPM features of SharePoint to make their lives easier and more efficient. If you're a staff member struggling with keeping your management informed and in the loop while still getting actual work done, this session will help you make the case for using SharePoint to make your life much easier.

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