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IT Unity Communiqué

The IT Unity Communiqué, our premier newsletter, brings to you the information our experts believe will help you succeed and stay on top of SharePoint and Office 365. You’ll find news, guidance, perspectives, in-depth technical articles, announcements and product reviews from your favorite technical gurus and thought leaders. (Every other week)

Office 365 Concierge

David Mann curates a weekly digest of the most important developments, news, and announcements for Office 365. (Weekly)

Unity Vision Webinars, Web Shows and Online Events

Keep abreast of your favorite shows on Unity Vision, and learn about valuable webinars, online training, office hours, and virtual conferences coming on Unity Vision. (Max 2 per month)

Solutions Spotlight

Twice-monthly, IT Unity focuses on solutions that address specific challenges in SharePoint and Office 365. (Max 2 per month)

SharePoint Reviews and IT Unity Announcements

Occasional alerts and announcements that highlight best-of-breed services, solutions, and events for SharePoint and Office 365. (Max 2 per month)