Eric Riz

A true visionary with an extraordinary ability to find needles in the data haystack, Eric works with leading organizations to sort through and stay on top of the complexities not only of today’s market but of the meteoric changes coming in tomorrow’s. As a thought leader, Eric is a sought after keynote speaker and author, delivering speeches on business and technology topics around the world. As the Founder & CEO of HR software company Empty Cubicle, Eric also sits on the Microsoft Solution Advisory Board, acts as a Judge for the Microsoft Imagine Cup, and is a 3-time recipient of the SharePoint MVP award. In January, Eric was named to B2BNN’s 2016 HR Influencer Index. Eric volunteers his time for various entities in the start-up community including: The Upside Foundation and Start-up Canada. He also acts as a Mentor for Futurpreneur Canada.

  • The OneDrive Collaboration Story

    Eric Riz ON Dec 02, 2015

    OneDrive and OneDrive for Business have grown into fundamental collaborative drivers for end users and organizations alike. As the standard for file storage and sharing amongst Microsoft business customers, the platforms have created a niche story for themselves inside the Microsoft ecosystem. How do you know which to use? OneDrive is a “me” product, while OneDrive for Business is an “us” product.

  • What MVPs Expect from SharePoint 2016

    Eric Riz ON Nov 17, 2015

    In October 2015, Sharegate invited some MVPs to their office to discuss the future of SharePoint 2016. Eric listened to the posted video and shares some of his thoughts about their insightful conversation.

  • OneDrive Imposes Old Limits for the Right Reasons

    Eric Riz ON Nov 03, 2015

    Microsoft may get some bad press because they dropped their OneDrive unlimited storage option for Office 365 customers, but they did it for sound business reasons.

  • Congratulations Microsoft Cloud Show

    Eric Riz ON Nov 02, 2015

    Eric Riz chats with Chris Johnson and Andrew Connell as their podcast, Microsoft Cloud Show, marks their 100th episode.

  • The Future of Windows 10 Upgrades

    Eric Riz ON Oct 30, 2015

    In a post on October 29, 2015, Terry Myerson, executive vice president of the Windows and Devices Group (WDG) at Microsoft, described how Windows 10 updates will change in the future and reported that more than 110 million devices run Windows 10.

  • Goodbye Chicago, Hello Atlanta

    Eric Riz ON Oct 15, 2015

    News broke on Wednesday that the Microsoft Ignite conference, originally scheduled for May 2016 in Chicago, has been pushed to September 2016 in Atlanta.

  • Likes and Mentions Come to Outlook on the Web

    Eric Riz ON Oct 13, 2015

    Many business people use OWA (now called Outlook on the Web) to check their Office 365 email a little or a lot. The new Likes and @Mentions features may provide a new social challenge for companies.

  • Adopting SharePoint 2016: It’s Time to Plan Ahead!

    Eric Riz ON Oct 05, 2015

    With the SharePoint 2016 IT Preview available, has your team started planning for it? This may be your chance to realign teams internally, ask about success stories that worked, build internal champions, think about a pilot program and get user adoption moving up significantly.

  • Unbreakable Next Steps: Durable Links

    Eric Riz ON Sep 29, 2015

    SharePoint does a really good job of finding documents. But when documents get moved or renamed, sometimes links fail, and users get frustrated. An interesting new feature in the SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview is Durable Links which should improve on SharePoint's traditional method of handling links. Sounds great, right?

  • The New Office

    Eric Riz ON Sep 24, 2015

    Office 2016 will be a significant evolution for Microsoft. New features push collaboration, apps and security. This seems familiar if you've read announcements about SharePoint.

  • Future-Proofing Your SharePoint Strategy

    Eric Riz ON Sep 18, 2015

    Eric offers strategic suggestions that will help companies plan their business goals as they plan the "inevitable" upgrade to SharePoint Server 2016.

  • Microsoft Office 2016 Releases on September 22, 2015

    Eric Riz ON Sep 10, 2015

    In a post to Office Blogs on September 10, 2015, Julia White, Microsoft's General Manager of Office 365 announced that September 22, 2015, will be the release date for Microsoft Office 2016.

  • Microsoft Matter Center for Office 365

    Eric Riz ON Sep 08, 2015

    In a post to Office Blogs, Microsoft announced Matter Center, an Office 365 add-in for legal professionals at law firms and in-house departments that allows people to create or view legal matters right from Outlook; tie Word, Excel, OneNote and other files to those matters; and securely collaborate with other legal professionals inside or outside their organizations.

  • In Focus: SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview and the Aug 24 Episode of Tech Talk with Bill Baer

    Eric Riz ON Aug 25, 2015

    Eric describes some of the SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview announcements and suggests that many watch the special episode of Tech Talk with Bill Baer recorded on Aug 24, 2015.

  • Windows 10 Impressions

    Eric Riz ON Aug 17, 2015

    After more than two weeks of using the released version of Windows 10, Eric Riz offers his impressions of an OS he uninstalled when it was in preview.