Tony Redmond

I am the principal of Redmond & Associates, a small consulting company. Although I have helped some very large companies with their IT strategy (mostly in the transition to the cloud), I spend most of my time these days working with small software companies as a strategic adviser or board member. The kind of topics I work on are new product development, strategic restructuring, and facing the challenge of having to develop compelling products that are competitive within the fast-moving Office 365 ecosystem. Apart from that, I am busily exploring the boundaries of eBook publishing with efforts such as “Office 365 for IT Pros“, which can be a full-time job at times, especially when the team is driving to complete a new version. Clearly there’s a limit to what one person can do, so when I need help I reach out to my wide network of contacts. Most of the time I work with other members of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) community, where my “associates” (hence the name) specialize in disciplines such as Exchange, Office 365, Skype for Business, and Directory Services. I’ve worked with some of the best in their fields, which is always nice to be able to say. You can read more in Tony’s blog at or follow him @12Knocksinna.

  • Tony’s Office 365 Snippets – September 8

    Tony Redmond ON Sep 08, 2016

    People are figuring out how Office 365 Groups and SharePoint team sites might interact and realize that we don’t have all the answers. My fixation on SendAs audit events was fulfilled when I found an OWA bug that causes more events to be gathered. Sway and Power BI events might be about to show up in the Office 365 audit log. And an update on Azure Information Protection.

  • First Email Scam Directed at Office 365

    Tony Redmond ON Sep 01, 2016

    News about the first email social engineering attack against Office 365 came alongside Microsoft’s announcement that the anti-spam SmartScreen technology is being deprecated. Stay safe people!

  • Tony’s Office 365 Snippets – September 1

    Tony Redmond ON Sep 01, 2016

    SharePoint Online received a boost this week with news of increased limits and a welcome integration between Office 365 Groups and team sites. The countdown to Ignite continues and I anticipate Ignite will include a 20th anniversary party for Exchange Server.

  • Tony's Office 365 Snippets – August 25

    Tony Redmond ON Aug 25, 2016

    Some quick impressions of the new Office 365 Secure Score Preview. Microsoft Ignite begins soon. OWA has a nice new People view, Groups are borrowing from Delve, Planner has shown up on menus and seems to be getting some new features too, including an interesting third-party Outlook add-in.

  • A Healthy Directory Is a Good Directory

    Tony Redmond ON Aug 18, 2016

    Everyone thinks their organizational directory is packed full of useful information about user accounts. The sad fact of operational life is that this is seldom true. Active Directory doesn’t maintain itself. A start-up named Hyperfish aims to help Office 365 tenants and on-premises organizations do a better job of directory maintenance. Can some hyper-energetic aquatic life help?

  • Tony’s Office 365 Snippets – August 11

    Tony Redmond ON Aug 11, 2016

    Some interesting things happened this week. Activity alerts for Office 365 audit events appeared, Microsoft provided more guidance on how Stream relates to Office 365 Video and the push continued to make the new Office 365 network usable. Add in user photos, passwords, and HYOK, and enough happened to make the week interesting!

  • Office 365 Admin Interfaces Five Years On: Better, but Incomplete

    Tony Redmond ON Aug 09, 2016

    Microsoft continues to improve and increase the features and functionality available to Office 365 users. Although Microsoft has recently refreshed the Office 365 Admin Center, there’s work to be done to refine the other administrative consoles and to rationalize the sometimes confusing way that PowerShell interfaces with different parts of Office 365.

  • Tony’s Office 365 Snippets – August 4

    Tony Redmond ON Aug 04, 2016

    It’s the time of year when PowerPoint skills are sharpened to build the decks for the conference season. For me, that starts with Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta next month. I’m using the new Office 365 Groups guest user access feature to collaborate with people belonging to other tenants and that’s working well. Some journaling facts came to light. And we can now tag people in Office 365 video.

  • Identifying Obsolete Office 365 Groups with PowerShell

    Tony Redmond ON Aug 01, 2016

    Like any resource, Office 365 Groups can become unused over time. Microsoft doesn’t provide any method to find potentially obsolete groups, but some enthusiastic hacking with PowerShell to use Office 365 audit records about SharePoint file activity and a check against the Exchange mailbox turns up some interesting results. You can amend the code for your own purposes.

  • Tony’s Office 365 Snippets – July 29

    Tony Redmond ON Jul 29, 2016

    News this week includes Outlook for Mac’s support of public folders, the triumph of the Focused Inbox over Clutter, a wizard to help you buy more Azure Active Directory Premium licenses, and the promise of perfect prose, but only with the help of Word’s new Editor feature.

  • No Good Answers for Office 365 Backups

    Tony Redmond ON Jul 26, 2016

    Vendors of backup software often focus on the data belonging to a single application. It’s an approach that does not work for Office 365 where new applications use components drawn from multiple workloads. Traditional backup and restore approach is inadequate Office 365 Groups and Office 365. But the real question is whether cloud backups make sense.

  • Tony’s Office 365 Snippets – July 22

    Tony Redmond ON Jul 22, 2016

    While Tony is on vacation, he's still up to date on Office 365 news: a bit more on Yammer, preview of Microsoft Bookings, Google Apps vs Office 365 and IT/DEV Connections conference session catalog is now online.

  • The Anatomy of an Office API Vulnerability

    Tony Redmond ON Jul 21, 2016

    Office 365 is not immune to security vulnerabilities in the code that make up its services. In this case, an ISV discovered a gaping hole in a new API introduced in March 2016 to enable access to reporting data for Office 365 tenants. Fortunately, the gap has been fixed and we can relax. That is, until the next vulnerability is discovered.

  • Microsoft FY16Q4 Results Show Strong Growth in Cloud Revenues

    Tony Redmond ON Jul 20, 2016

    Microsoft announced their FY16 Q4 results on July 19 and the market duly applauded. My eye was taken by the rather small subtitle on the results announcement that proclaims that the annualized revenue run rate for commercial cloud products had reached $12.1 billion, an increase of $4.1 billion over the year, underlining the strong growth in demand for cloud services.

  • Using Azure Information Protection

    Tony Redmond ON Jul 20, 2016

    Learn how Azure Information Protection, now in public preview, allows existing Azure Rights Management (RMS) templates to be applied to protect content generated by Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook (2010 to 2016) automatically based on a simple classification scheme defined in an Azure protection policy.