Ron Charity

I'm an enterprise architect based out of Toronto Canada and have worked with SharePoint since Tahoe. Consulting being my main focus with SharePoint and related technologies and recently managed large environments for organizations to get my hands dirty - the experience taught me a lot.

I've worked in Canada, USA, Europe and Australia over the past 15 years, mostly the USA working with organizations adopting SharePoint or in a later stage of improving their SharePoint service offering.  

I have published several articles, reviews and webinars based on this experience over the years and met several companies, fellow SharePoint consultants and vendors in the process. 

In my spare time I play in a Top 40 band around the Toronto area, enjoy the outdoors, travelling and my Harley in the summer months.

  • SharePoint Essentials Toolkit Broken Link Manager Component by QIPoint

    Ron Charity ON Aug 09, 2016

    Organizations that have embraced SharePoint have challenging user experience and maintenance issues managing the links contained with sites and embedded within documents. Sites and links become outdated as resources change. QIPoint Broken Link Manager excels at scanning documents and Sites for broken links, finding them and reporting on them to fix.

  • FLOWFORMA: A Powerful Workflow Solution for SharePoint

    Ron Charity ON Jul 08, 2016

    FlowForma is a proven and easy-to-use business process enablement tool that enables power users to quickly create and publish workflows on SharePoint Online ranging from simple every day workflows to complex workflows. The product integrates directly with your SharePoint (on/off premise) to leverage all the benefits that this powerful collaboration platform provides.