HiSoftware Site Sheriff Product Evaluation


Proactively control access to SharePoint sites and documents

by Karen Forster

The first step to solving a problem is knowing what's available to you. If you're considering security solutions for SharePoint, this article aims to get you started by providing an overview of a specific issue--restricting access to sensitive materials on SharePoint--and introduces a new product on the market to help solve the problem.

Problem: Ensuring that access to sensitive content is restricted to the appropriate users and secured as part of SharePoint site management


  • Keep confidential and legally sensitive content away from SharePoint

  • Use homegrown solutions involving Microsoft Right Management and Active Directory and other Microsoft security solution

  • Purchase a tool that scans your SharePoint sites and provides reports on who is using which sites and which documents they have access to

  • Purchase a tool that creates dynamic access based on permissions and claims of the user, as well as matching access criteria to classification layers of the document itself

Product: HiSoftware Site Sheriff for SharePoint http://www.hisoftware.com/sitesheriff

“Site Sheriff solves your SharePoint site management issues with dynamic access and claims-driven permissions. Site Sheriff is the ultimate site management solution for SharePoint administrators. Go beyond the normal constraints of access and distribution and control sharing with anyone on any device. Site Sheriff lowers the cost of controlling all of your collaborative content securely and allowing a wide variety of sharing scenarios on one site.”

What You Should Know

The more SharePoint is used for collaboration and document sharing, the more security and governance risks are exposed. In the absence of a good security management solution, sensitive information, such as HR data or patient data in a healthcare environment, can inadvertently—or nefariously—be shared both inside the organization and externally.

A Dell Dimensional Research study found that in addition to concerns about employees gaining access to restricted information, 97 percent of those surveyed are worried about security and non-employee access to SharePoint. And with good reason: 76 percent of those surveyed already grant non-employees access to SharePoint and 72 percent say requests for non-employee access are increasing.

New Site Sheriff

According to Kurt Mueffelmann, President and CEO, HiSoftware, managing permissions to ensure that confidential documents cannot be shared is highly constrained by the limitations of SharePoint and extremely difficult. To deal with these problems, HiSoftware is introducing Site Sheriff, a new offering in its Sheriff line of security and governance products.

Mueffelmann explained that HiSoftware is a company dedicated to privacy, accessibility, and equality, and already has products that identify, classify, and put security trimmings on content. For example, HiSoftware products let customers restrict access to documents, encrypt them, notify, and track forensics of where a document has been. Now, “Site Sheriff carries those capabilities across to site administration of SharePoint,” Mueffelmann said.

“Instead of being reactive to see who had access,” he continued, “let’s be proactive. We’ve developed Site Sheriff to creat dynamic access based on the permissions and claims associated with a user, but also matching those to the classification layers of the document itself. You can be very granular and set up an infinite number of dynamic access points.”

Site Sheriff includes

  • Permissions management

  • Dynamic metadata and claims-driven access management

  • Secure document reader

  • Ability to view multiple file types securely

  • Security watermarks to assure that users who try to reproduce secure content can be identified

  • Ability to stop downloads and disable SharePoint Ribbon commands (e.g., to prevent connecting to Outlook, exporting to Excel, etc.)

  • Dynamic views and access rules

What the Community says

As Site Sheriff had not yet been launched at the time this article was written, there are no customer references or reviews at this time.

HiSoftware is offering a free preview of Site Sheriff, including a Sandbox Trial, where you can experience the product. You can download the preview at www.HiSoftware.com/trysitesherrif.

To learn more about this product, you can read details at http://www.hisoftware.com/Libraries/PDFs/HiSoftware-Site-Sheriff_2-14.sflb.ashx .

Let me know what you think of Site Sheriff and share your experiences with the ITUnity community.

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