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ContentCommander is a file manager for SharePoint and Office 365. It offers the most common functionalities for organizing documents. ContentCommander empowers end users to copy and move documents, create folders, rename them, or even upload content from their computer. Copying and moving documents across libraries, folders, or even websites and site collections is not an issue any more. With add-on connectors ContentCommander makes several document stores accessible under one intuitive user interface. Users are able to connect to their computer’s local disk drive or to another cloud storage to enable simple content migration scenarios.

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Key benefits:

  • Reorganize documents faster and effortlessly with batch copying and moving.
  • Upload content into SharePoint reliably and faster.
  • Leverage the power of keyboard shortcuts and side-by-side folder views.
  • Rest assured document properties (metadata) are never lost again.
  • Stay in the browser and forget about Windows Explorer.

Key features:

  • Browse through all site collections, respecting user’s permissions.
  • Quick and easy copying and moving of documents stored in SharePoint.
  • Two panel UI that allows for fast navigation among all sites, document libraries, and folders.
  • Preserves metadata and allows for automated matching of fields among disparate content types.
  • SharePoint-resembling intuitive user interface with keyboard shortcuts available.
  • Works in the browser, no software installs and no browser plugins needed.
  • Connect to several SharePoint and Office 365 environments at once to move content around.
  • Easily access your local drives and file shares to enable simple migration scenarios.

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