iOra Continues its Growth with a New Website Launch

New website has more relevant content for organisations needing to collaborate across poor or intermittent networks

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Guildford, UK – 3rd June 2015: iOra Software Ltd, specialists in replication and compression technologies, announced today the launch of their new website specifically for organisations that struggle to collaborate effectively using Cloud technologies, such as Microsoft SharePoint, in remote or hostile locations where network coverage is limited and unreliable. iOra compresses data by up to 99 per cent and therefore enables access to information that would take much longer to replicate and deliver using other compression tools.

iOra’s CEO, Philip Wye, says that the new website is closely aligned with the company’s strategic vision for growth in its key markets over the next few years.

“The majority of our business is in overseas markets and particularly the Defence Sector”, says Wye, “but we are seeing increasing growth in our offshore markets. We took a strategic decision to rework our website to provide relevant and useful information to those sectors. We will be using the website to communicate with all our customers and prospects as well as through our social media channels and enjoy being able to hold conversations with our communities to help us continually innovate and improve our products and services.”

The new iOra website ( provides a much cleaner and modern look and provides a base upon which to build additional content that will be useful to our community.

Additionally iOra has added new videos that give a greater understanding of the unique nature of its software and how it meets an absolute and pressing need for the defence, oil & gas, commercial maritime, coastguard, charity and mining sectors to share critical information in remote locations that are not serviced by fast networks. One overview video explains about iOra and two further videos provide information for the Defence and Offshore markets.

Wye concludes, “We are very excited by our new website and how it enables us to communicate effectively with our communities. We are confident it will be a useful portal for our customers and prospects to gain the information they need to collaborate whenever and wherever.


About iOra:

iOra’s patented technology enables organisations with users working outside of the corporate network in remote or mobile locations to have access to up-to-date business critical information.

Its replication technologies are trusted by governments, military and global companies around the world. iOra’s products replicate data between Microsoft SharePoint servers, or by creating virtualized servers or web applications for mobile users using iOra’s patented compression technology.

iOra’s technology has been successfully deployed on tens of thousands of machines by customers, delivering data replication over bandwidths as low as 2 kbps to disconnected users.

For more information contact:

Vicki Kirk, Marketing Manager at iOra: 00 44 (0)1252 382750

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