Introducing the New BrightWork Free Trial!

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BrightWork are delighted to announce a new free trial experience for our project and portfolio management software, making it easier than ever for users to start managing projects with SharePoint.

Within minutes of signing up for the 30 Day Free Trial, users are guided through a set of on-screen walkthroughs that highlight the key features BrightWork delivers to successful project management on SharePoint.

BrightWork project management in SharePoint

Regarding the new experience, BrightWork CEO Éamonn McGuinness said: “Our mission at BrightWork is to make successful project management possible and easy for every organization. With this new free trial experience, we are lowering the bar for these organizations to get started quickly, and setting them on a path to project management success with BrightWork.”

The new BrightWork Quick Start in the free trial consists of a set of four on-screen walkthroughs that provide step-by-step directions on how to get started managing projects in BrightWork.

BrightWork Quick Start free trial experience

Within a few minutes of signing up for the BrightWork free trial, users will be able to:

  • Create a project in the Projects and Work Tracker
  • Add tasks and documents, and start managing the project with their team
  • Create a project site for a larger project
  • Understand the key areas of the BrightWork environment.

The free trial includes additional guidance for those who want to dive deeper into the BrightWork feature set, including project request management, and the improved Microsoft Project to SharePoint sync that BrightWork delivers.

BrightWork is committed to making project management easy for everyone. With this new free trial experience, we are delivering on this mission.

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