BrightWork Launch Collaborative Project Management Handbook

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BrightWork is a project management company. One that is passionate about educating others on the specific processes and skills needed to complete a project successfully. In fact, BrightWork is so passionate about project management, we have written a book about it!

The Collaborative Project Management Handbook has grown out of a collaborative project management guide that we at BrightWork created with and for our customers.

The book provides a summary of the typical stages and steps involved in successfully managing a project collaboratively with a team, including steps for the project team members. In this regard it is all about process.

The book also addresses the critical topic of Personal Leadership, and describes the habits and qualities that successful project managers and team members practice and exhibit. And in this regard the book is all about people. And naturally enough the people and process aspects are inter-dependent.

Our intention and intended audience is as follows:

  • An easy to follow and simple to use project management book for new project managers
  • A guide for team members who want to collaborate in the active management of projects
  • A source of materials that experienced project managers can adapt to coach new project managers

If you would like to read the book in full, you can purchase it as a paperback or in Kindle version. Alternatively, you can download a PDF version for FREE by following this link.

The entire proceeds of this book (and not just the profits) will go to Concern Worldwide, an organization dedicated to working with the world’s poorest people to help transform lives.

Topic: Project Management

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