Actionspace for Office 365 Is Enhanced with a Task Management Plugin for Mac

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Actionspace’s new task management plugin for Mac allows Office 365 users running Mac computers instantly transform their emails and notes into tasks and projects.

BOSTON, Mass., July 31, 2015 - In the last week of July, Actionspace, a global provider of enterprise task management and simple project management software solutions for Office 365 released a new task management plugin for Mac, which allows to instantly transform any email into an Actionspace task or project - the feature only PC Outlook 2013 users could enjoy before now.

With this plugin Office 365 users running Mac computers to perform their job duties have received a great chance to improve their team collaboration and leverage personal productivity.

Thanks to a powerful MAC OS tool for automating repetitive tasks, Automator, Actionspace plugin for Mac is compatible with any email client for Mac. It also provides Mac users with a bonus life-simplifying feature, which even PC users do not have yet - they can create Actionspace tasks from any text highlighted in any Mac application (e.g. from Skype chat message or Evernote notes).

Actionspace for Mac plugin is available both for users of the standalone web-version of Actionspace and the integrated Actionspace application for Office 365 and SharePoint. It is free and available for downloading from Actionspace website.

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Actionspace, LLC is a global software vendor of enterprise task and project management solutions for Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint. Actionspace’s solutions are designed to provide greater project visibility for executives and mid-managers and make teamwork simple for employees.

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