Actionspace Helps Nonprofits and Educational Institutions Using Office 365 to Boost Project Collaboration

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BOSTON, Mass., March 30, 2016 - Last week Actionspace, a global provider of enterprise task and simple project management solutions for Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint, launched a new initiative intended to help nonprofits, NGOs and educational institutions all over the world streamline their project collaboration and improve operational results.

Microsoft actively supports nonprofit and academic organizations worldwide to help them do more good and offers them Microsoft Office 365, best-in-class cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools on discounted price, or even for free. Actionspace initiative serves as an extension to this global offering.

For nonprofits, effective and transparent team collaboration is a key. All their business is about various initiatives, projects and campaigns that need to be organized and fulfilled properly. Office 365 and SharePoint Online provide them great collaboration tools, while Actionspace serves as a car navigator, seamlessly enhancing Office 365 ecosystem to organize automated project workflows on the fly, use project templates, track project progress and quickly anticipate any issues in projects.

“This is great news for those non-profits and educational institutions that had been looking to streamline their operations and work over projects. Based on Microsoft Azure, one of the most reliable cloud infrastructures, Actionspace natively integrates with Office 365 and SharePoint to guarantee corporate content security and compliance, and move customers’ business ahead with efficiency. In Actionspace, our goal is to make our customers work more effective and we are always looking for the most suitable solutions for their business,” said Valentin Smirnov, CEO at Actionspace.

Nonprofit organizations already using Actionspace for Office 365 agree with friendly design and usability of the system:

“Actionspace does a fantastic job of showing you all the relevant info without cluttering everything up with useless points you don't need. It handles re-organization well and is very fluid in design. The color setup is nice and it lets you quickly identify where things need to be moved or what needs to be changed next.”

The new Actionspace initiative is aimed at relieving economic stress on nonprofits, NGOs and educational institutions already working with Office 365, offering them versatility of using Actionspace from a mobile device, create project schedules, organize teamwork, assign responsibilities and due dates, and keep track on projects’ progress.

Those organizations and institutions willing to take advantage of this new Actionspace initiative must comply with certain requirements like holding a recognizable non-profit or non-governmental status in their country or be a qualified educational institution.

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Actionspace, LLC is a global software vendor of enterprise task and project management solutions for Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint. Actionspace’s solutions are designed to provide greater project visibility for executives and mid-managers and make teamwork simple for employees.

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