Seven SharePoint Secrets for Successful Security and Compliance

Dan Holme

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Date: Oct 08, 2014 - 8:00 AM
Presenter: Dan Holme

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About this presentation

Security and compliance are a critical priority for many SharePoint enterprises, who increasingly turn to SharePoint to host mission-critical collaborative workloads that include confidential, proprietary, sensitive, and regulated documents and information. And as the world becomes more mobile and cloud-centric, risks for data breach and leakage skyrocket. It’s more important than ever that you implement effective content security management.

Join Office 365 MVP Dan Holme for a free webinar featuring an intensive look at the challenges and best practices for implementing and managing security.

You will:

  • Discover new permissions in SharePoint 2013 and take away guidance for new permission levels that address common business requirements
  • Learn when and why it makes sense to leverage Active Directory groups or to use SharePoint groups Find out how you can communicate and track security policies and exceptions
  • Explore under-documented “gotchas” of broken inheritance
  • Implement a security strategy that delights both your business and compliance personnel
  • Manage administrative access and the Site Collection Administrators and Farm Administrators groups
  • Establish a foundation for auditing, reporting, and insight that meets your needs today and into the future
  • You will leave this webinar equipped to empower the business while maintaining tight control and compliance.

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