Perfect SharePoint: A Recipe for Success

Dan Holme

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Date: Apr 10, 2015 - 7:30 AM
Presenter: Dan Holme

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About this presentation

SharePoint MVP Dan Holme shares the recipe for the perfect SharePoint implementation. Tired of answers that start, "It depends" and of hearing, "There are no best practices"? Well, those may be true to some extent, but in this session, Dan sets those statements aside and identifies the ingredients for success based on his experience with hundreds of SharePoint customers worldwide. Think of this as a shortcut guide and a grab bag of tips, tricks, and guidance designed to align SharePoint and Office 365 with common, high-value business use cases.

Thanks for attending my session at SharePoint Fest DC!  I hope to see you in Seattle or at one of the other great, upcoming SharePoint Fest events!  Sign-in or register to download the slides, below.

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