SharePoint 2013 Sharing and Security

Dan Holme

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Date: Apr 09, 2015 - 9:00 AM
Presenter: Dan Holme

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About this presentation

SharePoint 2013 introduces new sharing features that make it easier than ever for end users, with appropriate permissions, to share content with internal and (in Office 365) external users. It's more important than ever that you master SharePoint's security model, with its deep hierarchy of securable objects, granular permissions and policies, and interconnected user interfaces. This session will demystify SharePoint security by dissecting each of these components and presenting best practices for implementing and managing security. You'll learn how to effectively assign least privilege permissions. You'll discover under-documented "gotchas" of broken inheritance. You'll take away options for new permission levels and settings that address common business requirements.. And you'll learn when and why it makes sense to leverage Active Directory groups or use SharePoint groups.

Thank you for attending my presentation at SharePoint Fest DC!  I hope to see you at SharePoint Fest Seattle or one of the other great SharePoint Fest events in the future!

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