Gold Medal Collaboration: SharePoint Engagement at NBC for the Olympics

Dan Holme

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Date: Sep 10, 2014 - 8:00 AM
Presenter: Dan Holme

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About this presentation

Office 365 MVP Dan Holme shares how the NBC Olympics used SharePoint to foster productivity and collaboration amongst its team of 2,700 professionals. Barry Jinks, CEO of Colligo, discussed adoption and engagement on mobile platforms.

Discover gold-medal worthy strategies for driving workforce adoption and engagement with SharePoint. As the Microsoft Technologies Consultant for the NBC Olympics, Dan led the implementation of a successful collaboration and information-sharing solution. As a highly flexible, rapid response platform, SharePoint 2013 provided instant value.

Discover new features that can speed up user adoption. Attend this webinar to learn practical ways you can streamline the SharePoint user experience and empower your workforce, anytime, anyplace. Highlights of this 60-minute session include:

  • Key requirements & takeaways from the Sochi Olympics
  • What’s new in SharePoint 2013 to drive user adoption
  • Easy wins to improve discoverability & usability
  • Mobility & security – the best of both worlds
  • How Colligo Briefcase can empower your workforce

Thanks for attending!

Today, IT Unity launched its webinar platform with a debut webinar entitled Gold Medal Collaboration: SharePoint Engagement at NBC for the Olympics.

I'm thrilled to have the chance to share my experiences in Sochi with hundreds of attendees of this live, online event, which was brought to the community free of charge thanks to our sponsor, Colligo.

If you're landing on this page, it's likely you attended the event and, if so, thank you for being part of our debut webinar! There's a lot more to say about what we did in Sochi, so I'll have more webinars, videos, and articles to post in the very near future.


Let's keep the momentum, and carry the conversation forward!

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RECORDING: If you missed the webinar, or want to review it, we'll post the recording in the next day or two. You can come right back to this page and I'll have the link. In the meantime, you received an email from Colligo thanking you for attending. The email includes a link to the recording hosted on Colligo's site.

ADOPTION OF SHAREPOINT ON MOBILE DEVICES: Check out these resources from Colligo:

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