Expert Panel: Maximizing ROI with SharePoint in the Cloud

April 28, 2015

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About this presentation

In “Maximizing ROI with SharePoint in the Cloud”, SharePoint experts including 3 SharePoint MVPs discuss governance and management strategies to improve ROI for SharePoint in the cloud. The following topics were discussed: 1) strategies to keep cloud-hosted SharePoint content properly managed and protected, 2) best practices to manage and protect users and content in the cloud, and 3) setting and remaining compliant with your governance policies when content resides in multiple locations.


In the expert panel, “Maximizing ROI with SharePoint in the Cloud”, 5 SharePoint experts (including 3 SharePoint MVPs) discuss balancing the benefits of SharePoint in the cloud with spending decisions and field questions from an audience. This recorded session focuses on understanding what you’re cutting out with cloud and what you’re taking on.

Get expert perspectives on SharePoint Online questions including these:

  • What are the different types of clouds? (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
  • How do you save on infrastructure costs by going to the cloud?
  • What’s the ROI for each type of cloud / platform?
  • What’s your businesses reason for considering a move to the cloud?
  • What happens to your Internet bandwidth if you move some of your hosting to the cloud?
  • How do you figure out SharePoint performance issues when you are hosting in the cloud?
  • What do you do with full-trust solutions before you try to move them to the cloud?
  • Tips for keeping cloud-hosted SharePoint content properly managed and protected
  • Best practices for to manage and protect users and content in the cloud

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  • Dux Raymond Sy, SharePoint MVP & CTO at AvePoint
  • Todd Klindt, SharePoint MVP & SharePoint Principle Architect at Rackspace
  • John Peluso, MCSE & MCT, VP of Product Management at AvePoint
  • Shyam Oza, Sr. Product Manager, AvePoint
  • Moderated by John Ross, SharePoint MVP & technical product manager, Rackspace

Length: 60 minutes, recorded in May 2015 just before Microsoft Ignite.



Takeaways include:

  • Detailing the costs involved in supporting code, managing deprecated features and plugins, and talent acquisition to run SharePoint 
  • Getting more value out of your IT spend by shifting from the traditional capital expenditure (CAPEX) model to an operating expense (OPEX) model
  • Assessing possible investments in bandwidth and network to support cloud initiatives

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