Key Announcements for Office and SharePoint Developers

Jeremy Thake

Date: Jun 15, 2015 - 8:31 PM
Presenter: Jeremy Thake

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About this presentation

Watch Jeremy Thake's developer audience keynote at Unity Connect Online, presented June 10, 2015.

At the Build and Ignite conferences, Microsoft made several major announcements that impact Office and SharePoint developers. In this session, Microsoft Senior Product Marketing Manager, Jeremy Thake, will discuss the recent announcements, the Office 365 development roadmap, and what you should do now to prepare for the future. Then, he'll be joined by Office 365 MVP Scot Hillier for a candid discussion of how these changes impact developers and organizations looking to build solutions on SharePoint and Office 365. The pace of technological change is increasing so don’t miss this chance to cut through the noise and focus on important changes.

View Jeremy's keynote.

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