Geolocation Column in SharePoint 2013

Asif Rehmani

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Date: Jan 28, 2015 - 10:35 AM
Presenter: Asif Rehmani

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In SharePoint 2013, there is a built-in functionality to show maps directly within a list or library using the Geolocation site column. Watch how you can use that column to show geolocation (map) data easily within any list or library.

Geolocation mapping in SharePoint 2013

It’s been a secret of sorts, but a built in functionality in SharePoint 2013 is the ability to show maps (spatial data) directly within a list or library using the Geolocation site column. Imagine having a list of your sales representatives in a list and being able to show their location directly on a map within SharePoint. Pretty powerful stuff!

The video below demonstrates how to configure and use the Geolocation site column directly within your SharePoint list or library.

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