IT Unity Webinar - Ask the Experts: Delve and Office Graph - Recorded Presentation

it unity staff

Date: Dec 05, 2014 - 2:00 AM
Presenter: IT Unity Staff

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This webinar was recorded on December 5, 2014.

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Delve & Office Graph: Ask the Experts panel

Delve Experts Dan Holme, Albert-Jan Schot, Joel Oleson, Waldek Mastykarz, Cem Aykan, Erica Toelle, Jeff Shuey, Naomi Moneypenny, Christian Buckley, Mikael Svenson
Panelists include (listed left to right):

Dan Holme, CEO and Cofounder of IT Unity
Albert-Jan Schot, Virtual Technology Solutions Professional, Malvention
Joel Oleson, Director of Enterprise Search Strategy, BA Insight
Waldek Mastykarz, SharePoint MVP, Mavention
Cem Aykan (Sr. Product Manager, Office Graph & Delve, Microsoft)
Erica Toelle, Caiman Consulting, USA
Jeff Shuey, Chief Evangelist, K2
Naomi Moneypenny, Chief Technology Officer, Synxi 
Christian Buckley, Managing Director, Americas, GT Consult
Mikail Svenson, Principal Consultant, Puzzlepart


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Erica: @ericatoelle
Jeff: @jshuey
Joel: @joeloleson
Mikael: @mikaelsvenson
Naomi: @nmoneypenny
Waldek: @waldekm

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Ask the Experts: Delve and Office Graph

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