What’s in Store for Office Developers at //build and Ignite 2015?

it unity staff

FROM IT Unity Staff
ON 4/28/2015

In an April 27, 2015 post to Office Blogs, Microsoft announced:

  • List of Office sessions at //build
  • List of Office at Ignite
  • Sign up for the Office 365 Developer Program—launching at //build
  • Check out the two mini-labs available as part of the Office 365 Developer Program
  • Express talks: 15-minute presentations on key news
  • Stop by and see the dedicated booths of partners who have built showcase solutions for Office 365

Click to read the post What’s in store for Office developers at //build and Ignite 2015?, containing details on the list above. That post appeared first on Office Blogs.

Topic: Office 365

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