Microsoft Rolls Out Planner for Many Office 365 Subscriptions

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ON 6/7/2016

In a post to Office Blogs on May 6, 2016, the Planner Team announced the general availability of Microsoft Planner (formerly Office 365 Planner). If your organization is using Office 365 Groups, you'll find the integration with Planner to be useful. Each new plan created in Planner automatically creates a new Office 365 group. 

In the comments that followed the post to Office Blogs, customers were concerted that not everyone should be able to create Office 365 Groups. In a blog linked to by Brian Smith from Microsoft Support, he posted a workaround. Your team administrator can disable group creation for everyone – then create an AD group containing the individuals who you allow to create groups – then set this group as the ‘allowed list’ via PowerShell. 

Microsoft says that over the next several weeks, Planner will roll out to all eligible Office 365 customers worldwide. This includes Office 365 Enterprise E1–E5, Business Essentials, Premium and Education subscription plans. The comments for the blog indicate that Planner will not be available for individuals with Office 365 Home subscription. 

The post, Microsoft Planner ready for showtime appeared first on Office Blogs.

If you wonder about Planner compared to Trello, please see this article by Haniel Croitoru: Managing Tasks: Office 365 Planner vs. Trello.

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