Microsoft Is Expanding FastTrack to Help Office 365 Customers with End-user Adoption

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FROM Office Blogs
ON 4/19/2016

On April 18, 2016, Cyril Belikoff, senior director of Office Marketing, authored a post for Office Blogs explaining why Microsoft is trying to use FastTrack to help customers move more quickly to the cloud. Key parts of Microsoft's strategy:

  • Additional user adoption services
  • end user awareness kits
  • end user training for common scenarios

Cyril's post goes on to note:

We will help you get started, and if you need further assistance, we’ll connect you with our qualified cloud partners to help you do more user adoption activities. We even have an Office 365 Adoption Offer that provides funding* to Office 365 customers for eligible user adoption engagements with partners.

The post, Expanding FastTrack to help Office 365 customers with end-user adoption appeared first on Office Blogs.

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