Office 365 Developer Podcast Episode 100: Corporate Vice President Jeff Teper on the Future of SharePoint

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ON 7/21/2016

The Office 365 Developer Podcast just reached a milestone by publishing episode 100. Congratulations guys! Richard diZerega and Andrew Coates joke a bit that while they're part of the milestone, thanks go to Jeremy Thake who started the podcast, who is unknowingly incorporated into this episode.

Updates discussed:

Rich and Andrew are joined by Jeff Teper, the Corporate Vice President of SharePoint and OneDrive (often referred to as the Father of SharePoint). They discuss Jeff's thoughts about whether SharePoint would be successful in the early days. Then the vision Jeff helped create in Fall 2015 for bold advances for SharePoint 2016 (and the move to the cloud before customers were there). 

You can find the post, Episode 100 with Corporate Vice President Jeff Teper on the Future of SharePoint—Office 365 Developer Podcast on Office Blogs.

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