Office 365 Developer Podcast—Episode 071: The PNP Partner Pack with Paolo Pialorsi

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FROM Office Blogs
ON 11/13/2015

A jetlagged Jeremy Thake records this episode from Stockholm at the European SharePoint Conference. Some news to note in this podcast:

  • Update 4 of the Office 365 Unified API
  • Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices—November 2015 release
  • Yeoman Office Generator is averaging over 500 downloads/month
  • Jeremy Thake has created an Office 365 Dev magazine on Flipboard; follow if you like your news on Flipboard
  • User groups can still request an Office 365 swag box

In this episode, Jeremy Thake talks to Paolo Pialorsi on the new Office 365 developer PNP Partner Pack. You can find The post Episode 071 on the PNP Partner Pack with Paolo Pialorsi—Office 365 Developer Podcast on Office Blogs.

Topic: Office 365

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