Microsoft Announces Skype for Business App Improvements to Content Viewing on Android and Updates to iOS

Office Blogs

FROM Office Blogs
ON 4/12/2016

The Skype team announced an update on April 12, 2016, to the Skype for Business apps for Android and iOS. New features in the apps include the ability to view meeting content on Android and improvements to the meeting experience on both platforms, even when you are experiencing spotty Internet connectivity.

The post announced these improvements:
  • less delay between the presenter’s view and the content displayed on your device
  • the latest update reduces the app’s battery consumption while you are viewing meeting content
  • improved ability for you to stay connected to a meeting on your iOS or Android device, even if you experience poor Internet connectivity

You can view the post, Announcing content viewing for Skype for Business on Android and updates to iOS, on Office Blogs.

Topic: Office 365

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