SharePoint 2016 Search Explained

Agnes Molnar

by Agnes Molnar on 7/25/2016

SharePoint 2016 comes with major changes in how Search works, including a new and enhanced Hybrid Search model. Regardless of whether your organization is on-premises only or in the cloud with some content and/or applications, this book will help you create a search strategy when considering SharePoint 2016. World-renowned consultant and author Agnes Molnar helps you plan and implement a SharePoint 2016 / Office 365 search environment that meets the needs of your business.

This must-have book covers the following SharePoint 2016 and Office 365 Search topics:

  • Business Cases and Challenges
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Search Based Applications
  • How the Search Engine works - Overview
  • Search User Experience
  • Metadata
  • Search in Office 365
  • Office Graph and Delve
  • Search Quality Management

SP2016 Search Explained - ITU Special Edition

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