Office 365 for IT Pros


The Ultimate Guide to Office 365

Tony Redmond

by Tony Redmond on 7/13/2016

Office 365 for IT Pros by Tony Redmond, Paul Cunningham and Michael Office 365, cloud, IT pros, Tony Redmond, Paul Cunningham, Michael Van Horenbeeck Office 365 has over 1.2 million customers with more than 70 million active users worldwide. The popularity of the platform is obvious but it can be challenging for administrators to stay abreast with software that evolves so rapidly. Microsoft reported that they had made over 450 changes in Office 365 in the year to August 2015. You can stay up to date in this fast moving, cloud-first world with the most comprehensive, independent guide to Microsoft Office 365. With over 800 pages of content, including over 700 examples of how to use PowerShell to manage Office 365, you will:

  • Learn. Understand how Microsoft's online cloud services really work, and the role that Exchange Online plays in the Office 365 ecosystem.
  • Master. Learn how to plan, deploy, migrate and manage Office 365, including migrations, mail flow, security, file sharing, and more.
  • Grow. Do more than just Exchange. Make use of Delve, SharePoint, and other applications to take advantage of everything that Office 365 can offer. 

This is an eBook that is updated to match changes in Office 365. The change log contains details of the most recent updates.

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