Office 365 & SharePoint Search Tips and Tricks Infographic for Power Users

Joel  Oleson

by Joel Oleson on 11/17/2014

When I started diving into search, I found there are A LOT of useful things to know about how to leverage that little search box. While the typical user only uses 1.2 words and rarely (if ever) uses Boolean search queries, there are a number of things including a powerful new Keyword Query Language that have been added to beef up that little search box. I've been doing a number of search sessions and have started gathering that knowledge into a series of infographics. This is the first.

You can download my PowerPoint deck on the topic of power user search in SharePoint, but I've tried to consolidate the BEST Of POWER QUERIES in this single infographic. Feel free to share this and even use it in your blogs. I acknowledge that much of it is buried in TechNet articles and SharePoint search help pages, but you can laminate this dandy little one pager and use it in your search brown bags. The "Last Modified" search by date was something I had to reverse engineer by URL unencoding and piecing it back together. I've worked on getting this info in a single page for over a month. I hope you LOVE It!

I will develop a series of infographics on the topic of enterprise search… stay tuned to this blog!

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