IT Unity Women in Technology

Welcome to the Women in Technology Community Site on IT Unity

The power of women helping, encouraging and celebrating each other equates to positivity and goodness in the world. We are thrilled to host a Women in Technology community site here at IT Unity. Much has been written and said regarding Women in Technology about having a voice, being heard and respected, getting paid equally, women needing to mentor and teach and elevate each other. At the end of the day this site is about empowerment, education and connection.

The site is open for all technologies and levels of professional development. We will offer featured articles by and about women, a recommended events list and a resources page of educational links, publications and organizations that foster women in technology. Ultimately this site is about you, what you want, what your dreams are, having a place where you can simply read and listen or to have a voice to inspire and support others and have some fun.

This community site is being curated by Cathy Dew and Heather Newman.