• First Email Scam Directed at Office 365

    Tony Redmond ON Sep 01, 2016

    News about the first email social engineering attack against Office 365 came alongside Microsoft’s announcement that the anti-spam SmartScreen technology is being deprecated. Stay safe people!

  • SharePoint Online Site Collection Size Will Increase to 25 TB

    Matt Wade ON Aug 31, 2016

    Sort of buried in the small type of a blog by the SharePoint Team was a notice that the size of SharePoint Online site collections will increase to 25 TB.

  • Dell Data Protection White Paper Series

    Aug 31, 2016

    Dell is a leader in data protection software.  Listed below is a series of white papers and technical briefs outlining a series of solutions and to system backup options, data protection, cloud...

  • Which Edition of SQL Server 2016 Do You Need for Business Intelligence?

    John P White ON Aug 23, 2016

    SQL Server 2016, possibly better than previous releases, offers a clear licensing choice that really comes down to scale.

  • How to Enable Unlimited Storage in OneDrive for Business

    John P White ON Aug 15, 2016

    If you manage an Office 365 tenant and you have one of 4 specific types of plans, you can use PowerShell in SharePoint Online to raise the storage limit, 5 TB at a time, for users who hit the default 1 TB limit. For the rest of us, we'll stay at the 1 TB limit that Microsoft set.

  • Limitations to SharePoint Online Backup and Restore

    Jasper Oosterveld ON Aug 05, 2016

    If you are trying to decide whether content for SharePoint Online should go into site collections or sites because of backup and restore considerations, the insight Jasper gained from an exchange with Microsoft Support will interest you.

  • Generate a List of Sandbox Solutions from a SharePoint Online Tenant

    Marc D Anderson ON Aug 03, 2016

    A PowerShell script just released by Microsoft will help you identify sandbox solutions from a SharePoint Online tenant. This is a great tool for sites that have code-based sandbox solutions in Office 365 where features may stop working in a few weeks.

  • No Good Answers for Office 365 Backups

    Tony Redmond ON Jul 26, 2016

    Vendors of backup software often focus on the data belonging to a single application. It’s an approach that does not work for Office 365 where new applications use components drawn from multiple workloads. Traditional backup and restore approach is inadequate Office 365 Groups and Office 365. But the real question is whether cloud backups make sense.

  • Using Azure Information Protection

    Tony Redmond ON Jul 20, 2016

    Learn how Azure Information Protection, now in public preview, allows existing Azure Rights Management (RMS) templates to be applied to protect content generated by Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook (2010 to 2016) automatically based on a simple classification scheme defined in an Azure protection policy.

  • Facebook Loves Office 365 and Other News from the WPC Keynote

    Tony Redmond ON Jul 13, 2016

    It’s summertime, Microsoft has just entered a new fiscal year, and the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) is in full swing in Toronto. I resisted the temptation to join the heaving multitudes at WPC and instead listened to the live steam of the Tuesday keynote to hear what Microsoft executives were saying about Azure and Office 365.

  • Azure RMS, Exchange Online, and BYOK

    Tony Redmond ON Jul 06, 2016

    Office 365 makes it much easier to protect confidential information using Azure Rights Management Services (RMS). Companies often want to control the encryption keys used to protect information using a process called “Bring Your Own Key” (BYOK). Azure RMS supports BYOK for Office 365 but only if you accept some significant reductions in Exchange Online functionality.

  • FUD, Ransomware Threats and Office 365

    Tony Redmond ON Jun 29, 2016

    Recent reports of zero-day ransomware attacks that targeted Office 365 users seem to contain hyperbole and erroneous details. Tony lists why he is suspicious of the news and offers practical steps about what you should really do to minimize risk in your Office 365 tenant.


  • Gather Feedback from a SharePoint List and Add It as a Wunderlist Task with Microsoft Flow

    Daniel Laskewitz ON Sep 07, 2016

    Microsoft Flow, currently in preview, is an awesome tool to create simple workflows with great impact. In this how-to article, Daniel shows how to use Microsoft Flow and Wunderlist to create a workflow for gathering feedback.

  • How to Completely Delete Web Parts on a SharePoint Page

    Matt Wade ON Aug 25, 2016

    Sometimes, removing a web part from a SharePoint page really hides or disables it but doesn't really delete it. The web part sits in a hidden recycle bin, which can cause some problems. Matt explains how to use Web Part Page Maintenance to really delete a web part.

  • Getting Started with PnP PowerShell in Office 365 and SharePoint

    Pieter Veenstra ON Aug 19, 2016

    PnP PowerShell is part of the Office 365 Developer Patterns & Practices initiative. In this article I'm going to look at some of the PnP Posh cmdlets to export and import sites.

  • A Healthy Directory Is a Good Directory

    Tony Redmond ON Aug 18, 2016

    Everyone thinks their organizational directory is packed full of useful information about user accounts. The sad fact of operational life is that this is seldom true. Active Directory doesn’t maintain itself. A start-up named Hyperfish aims to help Office 365 tenants and on-premises organizations do a better job of directory maintenance. Can some hyper-energetic aquatic life help?

  • Fixing Apps After Configuring Cloud Hybrid Search

    Nico Martens ON Aug 12, 2016

    In a previous blog post, Nico described some considerations before configuring cloud hybrid search in your environment. One limitation in particular can really mess up your farm: All provider-hosted add-ins will break when running the onboarding script. In this article, Nico has a PowerShell script with a solution.

  • Office 365 Admin Interfaces Five Years On: Better, but Incomplete

    Tony Redmond ON Aug 09, 2016

    Microsoft continues to improve and increase the features and functionality available to Office 365 users. Although Microsoft has recently refreshed the Office 365 Admin Center, there’s work to be done to refine the other administrative consoles and to rationalize the sometimes confusing way that PowerShell interfaces with different parts of Office 365.

  • Are You Sure Your SharePoint Intranet Won't Break? (And How You Can Ensure It Won't)

    Waldek Mastykarz ON Aug 28, 2016

    A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced that they are ending support for sandboxed solutions with code. In just a few days, sandboxed solutions with code will stop working and your intranet might break. Did you know that some no-code sandboxed solutions have empty assemblies, and they will stop working as well? What are you doing about it? SPCAF has a free solution.

  • The New “Site Contents” Layout

    Ellen van Aken ON Aug 05, 2016

    A lot of attention has been paid to the new document library experience that Microsoft rolled out in April 2016 for SharePoint Online. Less attention has been paid to the new Site Contents layout, which also deserves some notice.

  • Tony’s Office 365 Snippets – August 4

    Tony Redmond ON Aug 04, 2016

    It’s the time of year when PowerPoint skills are sharpened to build the decks for the conference season. For me, that starts with Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta next month. I’m using the new Office 365 Groups guest user access feature to collaborate with people belonging to other tenants and that’s working well. Some journaling facts came to light. And we can now tag people in Office 365 video.

  • Monitoring and Measuring to Ensure Collaboration Success

    Christian Buckley ON Jul 29, 2016

    The purpose of this initiative is threefold: to understand how the community defines collaboration success, how they measure that success, and then how they deploy in a way that ensures the defined goal is met and that the proper measurements are in place.

  • How Yammer Has Changed the Way We Work with SharePoint

    Pieter Veenstra ON Jul 08, 2016

    Whether you love Yammer or not, it has become THE place for many SharePoint users, IT pros and developers to get help. Pieter recalls why the shift has happened away from Microsoft support calls.

  • Chasing Email Forwarding: Who’s Forwarding Email Outside Office 365?

    Tony Redmond ON Jul 07, 2016

    If users forward email from their Office 365 mailbox, it might lead to some compliance issues or information leakage. Users might not be aware of the lurking issues and simply see forwarding as a way to have their work mail show up in their personal email account. Clear policies governing the use of email forwarding, good communication, and some tweaks to Office 365 can help solve the problem.

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