Jasper's SharePoint & Office 365 adventures

How to Display the Manage Option within the Document Library Action Bar

by Jasper Oosterveld on 5/4/2015

In this blog post I provide instructions to retrieve the manage option in the document library action bar.

Office 365 Project Portal Tips - Show My Open Tasks

by Jasper Oosterveld on 4/28/2015

It is relatively easy to implement a business scenario with Office 365 as the project portal. Jasper offers tips on using the Office 365 project portal to show My Open Tasks for logged in project members.

Review of the Office 365 Video iPhone App

by Jasper Oosterveld on 4/22/2015

In an Office Blogs post, April 16, 2015, Mark Kashman made some awesome announcements about the Office 365 Video Portal. One of the new features is the launch of the iPhone app. I took the time to review this new app.

Yammer Is Finally Part of the Office 365 Navigation Experience

by Jasper Oosterveld on 2/10/2015

Yammer has been part of Office 365 for a while now, but unfortunately the navigation experience was not integrated. The App launcher and suite bar were available for every Office 365 service except Yammer. Those days are now over. Welcome to the Office 365 navigation family, Yammer!

SharePoint Online Document Library's "New" Button Supports Multiple Content Types

by Jasper Oosterveld on 2/9/2015

Content types are a powerful tool to work with and structure documents in SharePoint Online. Unfortunately, in the past the New button in document libraries didn't work with multiple content types. Those days are finally over!

How to Remove the Link Behind the Title of a SharePoint Web Part

by Jasper Oosterveld on 2/2/2015

The title of a Web Part is, by default, clickable and opens the list. One of my colleagues showed me how easy it is to remove the link behind the title of the Web Part.

How to Display Custom Metadata in the Advanced Search Web Part within SharePoint Online

by Jasper Oosterveld on 1/23/2015

For one of our SharePoint Online customers, I had to extend the Advanced Search Web Part with custom metadata. I used the available Refiner managed properties but nothing happened. What did I do wrong? Follow my steps and find out.

How to Extend the Office 365 App Launcher with Links to External Applications

by Jasper Oosterveld on 1/6/2015

On October 16, 2014, Microsoft announced the Office 365 app launcher. To be honest, I didn’t spend much attention to this new feature, but I have seen the light. The app launcher can be a powerful tool to increase productivity and improve adoption. Why? Two words: availability and extensibility.

Prevent End Users from Adding Folders within Document Libraries

by Jasper Oosterveld on 12/16/2014

You probably know by now that I am not the biggest fan of folders in SharePoint document libraries. I'll share this little but nifty trick to stop end users from creating folders.

Working with Office 365 Groups on the iPad

by Jasper Oosterveld on 12/1/2014

My colleague, IT Unity author Jennifer Mason, wrote an article about Office 365 Groups last month, which I recommend reading. This post gives you a look into working with Groups on the iPad by using the OWA app.

Jasper's SharePoint & Office 365 adventures

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