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Search Terminology in SharePoint and Office 365

The terminology of Enterprise Search is a special one. We talk about it, discuss it, even have debates about it - but the exact phrases and expressions might have "blur" understandings.

SharePoint 2016 Search Explained

SharePoint 2016 comes with major changes in how Search works, including a new and enhanced Hybrid Search model. Regardless of whether your organization is on-premises only or in the cloud with some content and/or applications, this book will help you create a search strategy when considering SharePoint 2016.

Google Search Appliance (GSA) Retirement Explained - What’s Next?

by Agnes Molnar on 3/22/2016

Google announced a few weeks ago that “Google has decided to sunset the hardware-based Google Search Appliance (GSA) and focus their engineering efforts on cloud-based...

Enterprise Search Europe 2015

by Agnes Molnar on 7/6/2015

Enterprise Search Europe offers a European perspective on the latest in technology, implementation and optimization of enterprise-scale search applications. Practitioners and search experts share experiences and exchange views on current and future projects and applications, delivering strategies and solutions to help you build the skill sets necessary to be successful with Enterprise Search.

Quick Summary of Innovations in Knowledge Organization Conference 2015, Singapore

by Agnes Molnar on 6/12/2015

The Innovations in Knowledge Organization 2015 Conference (Singapore) was one of the best conference experience I've ever had! It wasn’t a traditional conference, much more intimate and more like a workshop: small presentations and case studies that were followed by interactive and topic orientated discussions.

Upcoming Events in April and May

by Agnes Molnar on 4/14/2015

The next few weeks will be very busy for me. Besides my day-to-day consultancy job, I speak at three events in the next three weeks: SharePoint Evolution, Microsoft Network and Microsoft Ignite.

Display Template for Tasks in SharePoint 2013

by Agnes Molnar on 2/26/2015

It's a common requirement to create a "My Tasks" dashboard on the Intranet, where every user can see his/her own open tasks with status, due date and other information.

HoloLens Announcement - First Impressions

by Agnes Molnar on 1/22/2015

Microsoft made some major announcements on Windows 10 yesterday. One of the most exciting, and definitely the very most innovative announcement was Windows Holographic and HoloLens.

Son Explains Cloud to Grandma

by Agnes Molnar on 11/1/2014

In the previous post, I described my son's "first time" with Cloud. A couple of weeks after, I was speaking at SPC Adriatics in Zagreb. My Office Graph and Delve session was the second one in the...

Explaining the Cloud to my Son

by Agnes Molnar on 10/29/2014

After attending a session with me this summer, my 5.5 years old daughter started to use "You can do everything in the cloud" as a mantra. Of course, my 8.5 years old son immediately got interested...

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